Tim in class

Faye in class

Philip in class

Jeannette in class

Nikki in class

Catherine in class

Oscar  Swimming and Triathlon

Paul  Special Projects

Jo  Teacher

Kerrie  Singing

Sue  Chaplain

Fitzroy Community School
597 Brunswick Street, North Fitzroy
Victoria, Australia 3068
phone: (03) 9489 2356
fax: (03) 9482 7699
email: info@fcs.vic.edu.au


Tim B  Principal


 on working at FCS - video

Faye  Founder


Philip  Founder


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Jeannette  Vice Principal


Wayne  Head of Campus - Normanby Ave


Joelle  Co-Ordinator - Normanby Ave


Nick  English/Chinese/Sport


Warren  Song Writing and Composition


Arthur  Sewing


Keith  Basketball


Nikki  Art Inspiration


Tim R  IT Man


 on working at FCS - video