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Fitzroy Community School
597 Brunswick Street, North Fitzroy
Victoria, Australia 3068
phone: (03) 9489 2356
fax: (03) 9482 7699
email: info@fcs.vic.edu.au

Curriculum support materials

Spelling lists, spelling test dates, timetables and other materials for pupils at Fitzroy Community School.

Spelling / Mastering Words / Book Reports

For those FCS kids who have somehow misplaced their spelling lists, get another copy of any Spelling List and to find out the spelling test dates for this term.


Times Tables Speed Sheets

2x Table           8x Table
3x Table           9x Table
4x Table           10x Table
5x Table           11x Table
6x Table           12x Table
7x Table

Math Tables Tests Dates


Christmas Carols Lyrics