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2017 Term 2

Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Our school plays are always a big event on our annual calendar. They are fun, joyful, inclusive and inspiring. Fun, as the children simply love being on stage performing in front of their family and friends. Joyful, as the excitement and fun (boosted by a fair bit of nervous energy) brings an electric charge that builds over the afternoon, and by show time is crackling. Inclusive, as not only are all members of the student population involved, but so too are many teachers and parents who happily contribute to our plays. Inspiring on a couple of fronts – from a school perspective it is inspiring that our school continues to have all of its students able to happily speak, sing and dance in front of an audience. Inspiring from an individual perspective as while all of the Biggies end up as competent, happy performers, many did not start out that way. Reflecting on the relatively common journey from anxious to happily competent performers brings significant satisfaction.

A number of parents shared a similar observation with me after the show – an observation on the journey in competence and confidence that their children had undergone, something that they were clearly thrilled with. Another comment was that some had simply not known (or even guessed) how confident and capable their children were as performers. I shared with the children earlier in the term that as a parent my hope is always that my children outshine me – that they are kinder and happier and gentler and stronger than I am. In terms of the play, the growth part of this is that I wish to see all those at our school put their fears and nerves aside and embrace the fun and joy of performing.

The play, while a significant event in the school year is only the success that it is due to many hours of work conducted over years with our children, day after day and month after month. Seeing our Biggies so willing and able to perform at a fine level is an affirmation of the character of our school, and of the trust (and authority) our school families place in us. These are both necessary for our children to shine: the diligent work of our teachers in building competent, happy able children – backed by their parents who trust us that we mostly make the right calls and always have their children’s best interests at heart. Many school have spectacular plays and musicals – but there are few where, year after year, all the graduating students have main roles that are performed with such confidence and in such a spirit of fun and joy.

So, a big thank you to all of our teachers for their great work. A special mention to Kiki, Ronan, Beth and Gracie for great performances, but even more importantly for taking ownership of your play from day one, and dedicating yourselves to making it a great show. These four children lead in the FCS way – by an example of commitment, kindness, inclusion and support for each other and for all of the younger children.

Timothy Berryman (Principal)


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