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2016 Term 4

Freedom of Religion III

Dear Community,

To the many of you who wrote to your local MP and the two politicians on my letter, thanks. This significant restriction on families to choose a school that was aligned with their values was defeated.

The only authority that I ultimately exercise to run FCS is that you, our school families, claim the right to choose how your children are educated. This choice is meaningless if all schools become the same.

While in this case the issue was an imposed secular ethic, in some countries the inverse is true in that all schooling has to have religious structure. I too reject this. There are voices in Australia demanding that all schools should be founded on Australian values and the Christian religion. If it ever comes to pass that the proposed legislation is an imposition of Christianity on all schools (or any other religion) I hope that you will again support me in claiming the parental right to choose how our children are educated.

Again, thanks for supporting those families who cherish a religious educational experience for their children.


Timothy Berryman (Principal)


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