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2015 TERM 2


It is Sunday am – early – and the world cup is on later today.  I cannot sit still.  I feel like Steve Smith when he bats… constant fidgets.  I have already read all the cricket items in today’s papers and know that it will probably be Clarke and Vittori’s last game.

The world cup, here in Australia, has be the ultimate joy for me.  So many moments.  Experiencing the power of an Indian crowd (MCG India vs South Africa) left me slightly shell shocked.  The explosion of happiness when AB was run out, wow.  Being in Hobart with the locals so happy that ‘their boy’ James Faulkner was not only playing but fielding at 3rd man, just in front of the gang, in super hero costumes, who had probably had a few.  But then, when the innings changed over, offering the same jovial, cricket adoring fun to Wardlaw, Scotland’s fast bowler.  Wardlaw’s sly grins that he banter thrown around almost.  Almost as entertaining as the collection of men, in kilts, in Hobart’s streets that weekend.

Riaz (Wahab) – did anyone ever figure out why some players seeming had interchangeable first and last names? take it up to Clarke, Maxwell and Watson.  Watching Watson weather the storm and see Australia home.  Sharing this moment with Wayne and his dad, a man who really knows his cricket.  Discussing whether the Australian captain really made the right choice of first change bowler at the 3rd test in Adelaide in 1968.

Crying with Morkel, who sat and wept with NZ’s victory in the dying moments… at the Lord Newry Hotel.  No, I was at the hotel, not Morkel.  He was at Eden Park, Auckland.  And I had not even had a drink, not do I support South Africa.  A few days earlier I spent a long time in Hungry Jack’s at Southern Cross, watching Guptill bat… with my new found friend from Bangladesh who like me, was simply mesmerised.

So, why this little bit of cricket in the newsletter.  Really, just to say thank you to you all.  Thanks Nat and Sue and Paul for asking me about cricket, something that I know is not your love.  No matter that the games and destinations (Hobart/Adelaide) got confused.  I always confuse Hobart and Adelaide too.  I was touched that you wanted to share this with me.  Alison, when you told me to ‘go to Sydney and watch the cricket’ I knew that you were absolutely the right choice.  To Baber, Sophie, Pete, Wayne – fellow cricket lovers, I loved our discussions. Baber, I am not sure how you got the whole family all over Australia and New Zealand to watch Pakistan, but respect! Sorry we had to beat you in Adelaide.  There will be many more cricket conservations to come.  And to my dear wife, who upholds the French love of cricket as the best game in the world, thanks for coming along to see Australia destroy England.  At least we have that in common.

Being at the concert during the semi-final – with my phone off! That really was a sign of true love!

Happy Easter,


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