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2012 TERM 3

The School Play

Our school play this year was an adaptation of The Wizard of Oz, and starred all 63 of our students.  Our year six students again did themselves, their families and their school proud, with all of them, boys and girls acting, singing and dancing their way through our 90 minute production. 

Basking in the afterglow of the play, and reflecting on the huge amount of work that went into putting it all together, I had a thought – how many adults were involved – and started to count.  More astounding than the raw number was the fact that the number of past-students, parents, past-parents, aunties, grandparents, student teachers, teachers, assistants and general friends of the school exceeded the number of students involved.  There were more people involved helping than there are children in the school. 


I think that this says something pretty amazing about our community and the support we give our children.

The play is a real buzz, and a joyful night – literally pumping with positive energy.  I feel certain that part of the glow of the night is due to the fact that so many have given so much over many months.

So, a huge thank you to everyone who made this night such a success.

Timothy Berryman (Principal)


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