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2011 TERM 2

Dealing with the world, and its inhabitants!

“Your task it to make him like you!” was my mother’s mantra on the few occasions a child of hers was silly enough to complain about their treatment by a teacher, coach, supervisor, or actually any normal adult.

If you were to choose a single mantra to bring your child up by, I can think of few better. Let me expand.

My mother’s retort has embedded in it the belief that the child has the power to effect their own destiny. This is empowering.

My mother’s response makes it clear that being charming, kind, helpful, considerate, thoughtful – responding appropriately to the person and situation – is the most effective method to move the outcome of this and future transactions toward the one you, the child, desire.

Many of us are, as caring parents, too inclined to speak up for our children, to buy in on their behalf. But are we, in doing this, actually doing the right thing by them?

Mum, once again your example sets a wonderful standard in child-raising. I will attempt to follow.


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