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2010 TERM 3


Movement on School Funding?

MR Peter Kavanagh MLC moved in the Victorian Parliament (15th September 2010)

          "That this house acknowledges the responsibility of all Victorian governments to provide for and contribute towards the education of all school-age Victorians regardless of who owns the schools that they attend and that the level of government support for all Victorian school students should be reflective of student need and not the proprietorship of the educational institution."

This school hopes that other parties support The Democratic Labor Party on this issue. We believe that families should not be denied access to the education that they feel would most benefit their children on political grounds and that all Victorian children should have the same opportunities.

We applaud the DLP for proposing a means to rectify the shortcomings of our current funding model, a model that denies many parents the rights to choose the appropriate school for their child. The DLP’s proposed funding model would bring about a means of accessing greater choice to those in our community who cannot currently access the school they desire for their child due to limited financial means.


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