Violet and Rosie’s holiday

By Sage and Zoe

Grade 2

Once upon a time in Fairyland, there were two fairies called Violet and Rosie. One day they decided to go for a holiday in Australia. So they packed their bags and flew off. After they had flown over Fairyland, they saw the sea. It looked pretty in the sun. They flew to a nice beach near Melbourne. Rosie said, ‘Let’s stop here”. So they put up their tent on the beach and cooked dinner. Their dinner was noodles. After dinner they went to bed.

In the morning they had pancakes for breakfast. After breakfast, Violet and Rosie collected shells on the beach. When they had collected five shells, they turned them into other fairies and they called them Crystal, Lavender, Emerald, Misty and Sally.

They called the wind and told it to blow the baby fairies back to Fairyland.

Having said goodbye to the baby fairies they went back to their camp and packed up. They flew to the desert which they had heard was an interesting place. When they got there, it was dark so they made a purple cactus house to stay in with their magic. After that they went to sleep.

In the morning they had scrambled eggs for breakfast. A minute later, they went outside and found two big black ants. Rosie said, “Why don’t we have ant races”. Violet said, “Yes, that would be fun”. They asked the ants if they would race. The ants said yes. Rosie had the bigger one and Violet had the smaller one. They made a start line and a finish line. Ready, Set, Go! They were off. The ants stayed together and it was a draw.

They were very hot so they went for a swim in the waterhole near by. They had a lot of fun splashing around and making sand clouds. They got out and built a big sandcastle. They picked ten flowers and put them on top. They collected leaves, sticks and rocks. They built things for the sandcastle. They climbed and ate apples. When they were full they climbed down. It was getting dark so they went to sleep. In the morning, they had porridge for breakfast and flew back to Fairyland.

The end.